“Il Nutrimento Srl”, is part of the Probios Group, made up of other 3 operative companies and one division.

Probios is the main company, a leader in Italy in the distribution of organic vegetarian food, promotes for more than 35 years the cultivation of raw materials in respect of man and nature, and for many years it devoted itself to the creation and marketing of product lines suitable for those who must follow special diets.
Today Probios exports to 52 countries in the world with 90% of the approximately 900 products marketed under its own brand and 85% of Italian suppliers. 70% of the raw materials used for the preparation of the products is also cultivated in Italy. The group sells over 450 gluten-free products. There are over 150 dairy-free products. Many references made from spelt, kamut and those without yeast, can meet different dietary requirements.

Probios SpA
via degli Olmi 13-15, 50041 Calenzano (FI) – Italy
Tel. +39 055 88 693 1 – Fax +39 055 89 85 946

Biostock, a division of the Probios group, founded in 2003, is a leader in organic raw materials. The brand offers a wide range of loose ingredients in different formats, selected and certified, such as cereals and spices, pulses and seeds, flours and starches, oils, seasonings and culinary products. Biostock provides the highest amount of gluten-free raw materials, some of which are included in the Italian Coeliac Association handbook and can supply all operators in the organic food sector (HoReCa in particular).

Biostock – distributed by Probios SpA
via degli Olmi 15, 50041 Calenzano (FI) – Italy
Tel +39 055 89 69 434 – Fax +39 055 89 69 416

Probios Deutschland
Probios Deutschland, a subsidiary of Probios Group, was founded in 2005 in Germany, which is Europe’s first organic market. Based in Graben, an important logistics and industrial area about 20 km south of Augburg and about 60 km south-west of Munich, Probios DE counts on a warehouse of approximately 600 square meters and 80 square meters of offices. From here, leave daily about 650 references, mostly gluten-free products and from the line Il Nutrimento for the German and Austrian markets.

A strongly growing reality, which saw organic increase approximately 11% only in 2016 and specialized channel billed 3.21 billion euro, an increase of 5.6% over the previous year. That’s why Probios trademarks are widespread in this distribution channel through wholesalers of trust both regional and national, and using the private label from which it derives about 30% of the total turnover.

Probios DE is also present, with all its gluten-free products, in the memorandum of the DZG (German Celiac Society) and all its references are published on the website Ecoinform, the database of Bio-specialized. Finally, the subsidiary is a supporter of the association Naturkost Süd, which brings together retailers and resellers of independent health food in southern Germany.

Probios Deutschland GmbH
Weberstraße 5, 86836 Graben – Germany
Ph. +49 08232 9585288 – Fax +49 08232 9585277

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